Saturday, January 17, 2009

Strange Bedpersons

This is a very typical Jennifer Crusie--a funny romance, with great dialogue and without the typical cheesiness of a lot of romance novels out there. I liked it, but I always like Jennifer Crusie books, and this one wasn't anywhere close to my favorite. It's about an unconventional girl and a conventional guy who can't seem to agree on anything but still really like each other, and in Crusie style, it's also about their best friends getting involved in a relationship, and it also has a mystery component and some other fun stuff going on. Warning: it is a romance and therefore does include, for example, a scene reminiscent of the Pretty Woman piano scenario (but, in my opinion, a thousand times better, because there's a lot of humor in the book). And for what it's worth, Crusie's love scenes are a thousand times better than most other authors in the genre, since there's no 'capturing of mouths' or 'heaving bodices' or what-have-you, just normal people.

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