Friday, August 1, 2008


Virgin is a novel about the early life of Elizabeth I, written by Robin Maxwell.

You know how some historical fiction is well-written and interesting and intellectually stimulating, and some of it is all, "Nay, my lord, come hither, know you not that 'tis I that pineth for thee?"

Yeah, this was more of the second than the first.

HOWEVER! That is not because it was not historically accurate. In fact, I think it was quite accurate. It was just the author's use of cheesy-romance-novel-descriptive language that turned me off a bit. And it really wasn't THAT bad. I have definitely read much worse.

And I found the afterword fascinating. The author lays out what respected historical authors have to say about this period and then picks their arguments apart. It really made me want to be her friend. So I may pick up a couple of her other books just to see what she offers me next. ;)

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