Monday, August 11, 2008

Garden Spells

Am terribly behind in my book reviewing, so there's no way I can do these next few books justice. Short and sweet reviews are forthcoming.

First, Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. My mom told me about this book she'd heard of, I can't remember where, and the author was from Asheville. So I Googled it, and then I added it to my library requests list, and then last week I got it. It was another quick read, I think I read it all in an afternoon, and I just loved it. It was so good-hearted and cozy. Very Southern. A little big Practical Magic, but waaaaaaaaay better. It's about two sisters and their complicated relationship, a small southern town with several colorful characters, and a magical apple tree in a garden full of unusually influential herbs (which also reminds me of Simply Irresistible...but waaaaaay better).

It wasn't exactly an earth-shaking, mind-blowing masterpiece, but it was sweet and lovely.

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