Saturday, May 31, 2008

Putting On the Dog

I read this book, by Cynthia Baxter, simply because I finished the only book I had with me on my recent Oklahoma trip and I was ravenously searching for a new read. It turned out to be part of a mystery series about a mobile vet who likes to play detective. It was...decent. My major criticism is that the author explained all the reasons the different suspects are suspicious, but then just sort of said....So this one did it, the end. She never tied up the other characters' stories in a satisfactory way. But it's not like I expected it to be Shakespeare, so I didn't really mind too much.

And I do feel compelled to tell you that I went ahead and picked up another of her books at the library today. It's not that the first was particularly sensational, it's just that it was a very easy fluffy read and that's sort of what I'm in the mood for. Still, if it was perfectly awful, I would've steered clear of her in the future, so at least I can honestly say I'd recommend this series, as long as you're not looking for something exceptional.

A fast ultimately forgettable read but decent nonetheless.

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