Thursday, May 1, 2008

Angela and Diabola

This is another book I "found" in the kids' section of the library...and by "found" I mean James handed it to me and insisted we get it. And I was interested, because the author, Lynne Reid Banks, is one I know well, but I had never heard of this particular book. I loved her Indian in the Cupboard series, and One More River was one of my favorite books when I was a pre-teen.

But this one was disappointing. I hesitate to actually call it "trash," but I certainly wouldn't recommend it. It was about twins, one who is everything good and one who is all it was sort of a boring idea for me to wrap my mind around anyway, and then the events of the story and the conclusion were not even worth the 30 minutes it took me to read them. So predictable, so uninteresting, so completely unenriching and unfulfilling. Uck.

I seriously expected better. But then again, maybe I should have paid attention to the fact that this is a book by one of my old favorite authors and I had never heard of it. Consider yourselves warned.

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