Saturday, January 12, 2008

Upon the Midnight Clear

The first few books I read by Sherrilyn Kenyon really impressed me, because they made me feel like I'd like to have the author as a personal friend. She had a sense of humor I appreciated, and I felt like she'd fit right in to my circle.

It also helped that she was writing funny romance novels about the Greek gods. I mean, it can't get much better than that, right? I just sort of feel like she's cranking 'em out too fast. It's been a long time since I've read a new Kenyon novel that I really enjoyed. I'm so bogged down in trying to remember everything that's happened before, and not getting all the answers to what's going on because apparently they're coming in future books, that I can't enjoy the characters. She just flies through the plot, and I never connect with the people, and I'm confused and distracted by all this other stuff that's going on.

I still do like her style...I just don't want to read more of this series right now. But, darn it! She sucked me in in the beginning and I want to know what happens! So even though I wouldn't recommend this book, I'll still read the next one that comes out, because it's supposed to be "Acheron's book," and he is a major character and a major mystery. So I hope I enjoy future books more than I did this one. It just felt like the middle movie of a trilogy. You know how that one is just almost never as good as the first and last? Yeah. It's like that.

Sorry, loyal fans. I still like her, I do, but I didn't like this book.

At least it only took me like an hour to read.


Anonymous said...

An hour?! How long was this book?


Susana la Banana said...

Um...I took it back already...but it was maybe, I don't know...really short.

...five minutes later...

So I googled it and one of the other reviews I found said it was about 250 pages, but also commented on what a quick read it was.

So there you go!