Friday, January 11, 2008


Quick and dirty review:

I liked it but I was surprised by it a little. Also, the ending seemed a bit rushed, and perhaps a bit too simplistic. Cheesy, as was expected, but fun, as was also expected. I'd recommend it if you like Lynn Kurland, but if you like Amanda Quick, be aware of the fact that this is NOT Victorian-era like most of her others.

The Long Version:

Mystique is the latest book I've read by Amanda Quick, aka Jayne Castle, aka Jayne Ann Krentz. So this is how this works: she writes under three different pen names, and this is supposed to help you figure out what the story will be about. Castle is her maiden name, and those books are like futuristic stuff, that I've never really read. Krentz is her "real" name, and those are contemporary-murder mystery-types. And Amanda Quick (I have no idea where she got that one) is her name for books that are generally Victorian-era romance-mysteries. But this one...wasn't. I requested it "blind" from the library website, and was equal parts confused and enticed when I got it and noticed that the main male character was named Hugh the Relentless. As soon as I started reading, I realized it was Middle Ages. Not what I was expecting, since I've read quite a few of her Victorian novels and enjoyed the pattern I'd come to expect from this author, but hey...I'm not about to complain when I find myself suddenly and unexpectedly plunked down in medieval times. As if! ;)

So, it was pretty decent. As usual, I enjoyed the fact that the grammar was mostly correct and there were no insane spelling and punctuation errors. In my opinion, this should be standard for all books, but you know what? It's not. So when I find it, I appreciate it. It makes life so much easier when I don't have to stop and hit myself in the head while reading. And the plot, while not anything mind-blowing, was enjoyable enough. It was like reading Amanda Quick's characters' personalities and motivations in a Lynn Kurland setting...and since I like both of those, I enjoyed it well enough. Again, though, the "villain" was pretty unremarkable, and the ending seemed pretty rushed. But maybe that's because I was pretty rushed trying to get through the last 10 pages last night at 11:30 so I could go to bed!

I like Amanda Quick. Her books are fun. They are generally light, easy reading, so I can get through one in a pretty busy day, which is always a bonus for my life is these days. They're also sometimes a little scary to read when I'm alone late at night, and this one wasn't, so I also appreciated that. Now I'm off to start the other Quick book I checked out, after I finish writing my other reviews. Cheers!

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