Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wise Woman and Celtic Memories

These are two books that James handed me in the Myths and Legends section of our local library. They were both really good! They reminded me of how fun it is to read myths and folklore and the like.

Celtic Memories was retold by Caitlin Matthews, and it was really interesting, because she actually took some old legends and combined them and added her own flair in a really fluent and beautiful way. It was also short.

Wise Woman contains 100 stories that include strong and/or smart women, with the idea being that most women in fairytales are not exactly good role models. It has some familiar ones like Beauty and the Beast but also some really strange ones from the American South and was just lots of fun to rip through. Good stuff. Can't remember who put it together though. Sorry.

Oh and this was the PERFECT way to get ready to read American Gods, the next book I'll review. Which is funny because I picked up American Gods on a whim a couple weeks after James handed me these two. Thank you, Fate.

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