Monday, February 4, 2008

When I Fall in Love

I read this book last week, and then we all had a puking sickness. I do remember that I liked it. I do remember that it was typical Lynn Kurland fare. I don't particularly remember the details right now. So this is what's left...

Lynn Kurland writes a lot of romance novels involving time-travel and/or medieval knights in shining armor. I almost always enjoy her writing, and this was no exception. One of the enjoyable bits about being a loyal Kurland reader is that she always gives you glimpses of previous characters' lives in her new novels. In this one, I got to see bits of probably 6 or 7 main characters of other novels, which was great.

But you know what? Her theory of time travel is...well...let's just say "unparsed." And since I really don't get it, it's starting to get confusing and cumbersome, all the people who are from the past who live in the future and the people from the future who run into them when they still live in the past and and the people from the future who stay in the past and then go into the future, in the future...well, you get the idea.

It was good, though. I liked it. But I'd be happy to forget all about it if it meant I could forget what happened after I was done with it. =)

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