Sunday, February 15, 2009

Savannah Breeze

This is a Mary Kay Andrews book, and I picked it up because I liked her book Deep Dish and wanted a similar easy but not horrible read. The two turned out to be different, in an interesting way. It gets old reading one author writing the same basic story over and over with just a few changes to the characters and plot, so I was really happy this was not that.

On the other hand, even though Deep Dish was more typical romance than Savannah Breeze, and that can make it a little more boring, I did feel like this one didn't show the connection between the two main characters as much as it could have. Sometimes I feel like, why is it these two are in love again?

Then again, it was kind of nice that it wasn't all romance-y and widdle cuddlekins and such. But then again, the actual plot was a little more shaky. I didn't like that the ending suggested that it was going to be dangerous but then just left that hanging and boom, it's over.

It was a decent, very Lazy Saturday kind of a read.

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