Friday, February 20, 2009

Good in Bed

It's been a while since I re-read this book by Jennifer Weiner. I didn't review it when I first read it, because I wanted to say a lot about it. But by now, I'm just too tired and it's faded and I just want to say this: it was still good. After all the changes I've been through in my life since I first read it, I still enjoyed it. I found a few things quite strange (going to a late-night Hollywood party while hugely pregnant? Ugh.) and I was surprised to find that the movie star friend wasn't really very involved like I had thought she was. But generally, it just connects with the way a lot of women REALLY feel about our bodies and REALLY think about some things, instead of a cheesy man-book with awful stereotypes (aka Sundays at Tiffany's).

However. Do NOT read the follow-up novel, the one that takes place 12 years after this book ends. Or, not if you like happy endings. It was well-written....just NOT something that I wanted to know. I should've left Cannie and her crew alone at the end of this book with their happily-ever-afters. Oh well.

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