Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kids' books from the library that we read on a daily basis

Tuesday is our last day at our library here. Our last storytime, and our last book return. After Tuesday, THESE books, THIS library, are no more. We will have to find our own way in an Oklahoma library instead. And that makes me really sad, so I thought I'd do a tribute to the library books we've had checked out for the last couple of MONTHS because we have to read them every day.

1. Science Verse, by Jon Szieszka
So funny, and I'm a sucker for rhyming. And the illustrations are great. And you could even spout some sort of intellectual nonsense about instilling a love of poetry into your children...but really it's just fun for the adults, too. =)

2. Thomas Goes Fishing and James Goes Buzz Buzz
Not my choice. But who can resist a two-year-old with big blue eyes begging for Buzz Buzz Jamesy?

3. Red Train by Will Grace
This one's great--colors, numbers, and fun animals. Not super fun to read but you can make it fun, and it's good for lots of different ages and stages.

4. Baby Beluga
Song by Raffi, pictures by Ashley Wolff. We sing this one every night before bed, and I can't tell ya how cute it is to hear your kiddo ask for Baby Booga at bedtime.

5. I Like It When-- by Mary Murphy
This is a very simple board book with penguins and James likes to read it to us.

6. I'll See You in the Morning by Mike Jolley
Great bedtime book. Rhyming: it gets me every time. And I love the illustrations on this one. Beautiful and peaceful.

7. Mama Mama by Jean Marzollo
Good for even the tiniest of babies. Sweet animal mamas and babies going through their days together. Very simple and lovely.

8. Machines at Work by Byron Barton
Again, not my choice. But James reads us this whole book (and adds a little bit of detail himself), so who am I to deny him that pleasure? And it's nowhere near as annoying as the You-Know-Who books. ;)

9. 1,2,3 by Sandra Boynton
Again with the rhyming. And the counting that James loves. And it's clever and fun to read. We love Sandra Boynton.

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