Monday, March 9, 2009


This is another Anna Quindlen. And I have to say I'm disappointed. I loved One True Thing, although I have to say I read it several years ago so I don't know what I'd think of it now, after so much of my life has changed...but the other books of hers I've read I just haven't connected with in the same way, they just haven't moved me the same way.

This book is about a baby who's dropped off at a large estate inhabited by an old lady, her housekeeper, and her groundskeeper. The groundskeeper takes it upon himself to raise the baby, and thus creates some changes for the old estate and for everyone involved in it. But the story was frustrating. I didn't like where it went or how it ended. I didn't understand the point of some of the storyline, and I didn't care at all about some of the supposed "mysteries" that were, in fact, not surprising at all. Just eh. I dunno.

I still like Quindlen's writing style. This was just not the book I wanted to read at this point. But then again, maybe in a few more years I'll feel differently about it.

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