Monday, September 1, 2008

To the Tower Born

Another historical fiction by Robin Maxwell finished today. It was a quick and easy read focused on the lives of Edward and Richard, the two sons of King Edward IV of England, the famous Princes in the Tower. If you haven't heard it, the rumor is that their uncle Richard (aka Richard III), had them murdered around the time he usurped the throne from them.

But there is soooooo much confusion surrounding the details of this period that it makes for wonderful fiction--because almost anything could have happened to those two boys. I have to say, I am all in favor of this book's take on things because I like a happy ending, and while the ending isn't all sunshine and daisies, it's a lot less dark than the picture many would paint (for example, Shakespeare's account).

As was the case with the last Robin Maxwell book I read, I have to say my favorite part was the afterword, in which the author outlines what historians have said about the period and gives a persuasive argument for why she interpreted the story as she did. I find this fascinating and it makes me want to know this woman!

But as for the story, it was fun and I loved getting a little glimpse into England just before my beloved Tudors came into power. Good stuff!

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